Hillary Duff: Why?

Image via Getty.
Image via Getty.

Hillary Duff (Flock of Dudes, Raising Hope) and her celebrity trainer-boyfriend Jason Walsh fucked up with their Halloween costumes, dressing as a gourd-wielding pilgrim and a stereotypical Native American in a feathered headdress, respectively. They were both stoned to death on Twitter in short order:


Many people also pointed out that the costumes were particularly tactless thanks to the current situation in North Dakota, in which Native Americans are protesting a planned oil pipeline that they say threatens their water resources and sacred lands.

You know who looooved this look, though? The Daily Mail. Have you ever read copy literally written by a boner before? It sounds like this:

Clearly ready to give thanks, she carried a wicker basket filled with pumpkins and other vegetables, a practice America’s early settlers used to signify a healthy harvest and to carry gifts to nearby villages.

She wore black ankle booties to elongate her perfect pins and to make her statuesque frame even more statuesque.

Her beau - the celebrity trainer Jason Walsh - continued the Thanksgiving theme, dressing as a Native American, with whom the settlers frequently traded the fruits of their labour.

Striving for authenticity, he wore a brightly-coloured feathered headpiece and leather top with decorative fringe.


Despite the fawning words from the Mail, both Duff and Walsh apologized for their ill-conceived outfits.


Here’s Walsh’s apology on Instagram:


Until next year!



Apparently it’s not Halloween until we have our first racist celebrity costume.

I seriously don’t get how you look at each other and think this is a good idea.