Scottie Hughes Tells Ana Navarro She Should Be Quiet About Not Voting For Trump

Trump surrogate Scottie Hughes and Republican voice of reason Ana Navarro are in a horrible election loop, doomed to appear in interviews together over and over until November 8. The viewing public loves watching Navarro tell Hughes what a word-vomiting nonsense monster she is. They’re both exhausted.

Fusion shared the latest example of the genre, courtesy of the Wednesday episode of CNN’s New Day. Unlike past submissions, Hughes and Navarro aren’t separated by a talking head box or audio delays of any kind, and things quickly devolve into a sputtering mess. Host Alisyn Camerota leads the ladies in a discussion about the many women who have come forward alleging that Donald Trump assaulted or harassed them. Navarro responds that though the public has become numb to it, the over-arching theme of 2016 has been powerful men having their crimes exposed by women finally ready to speak out about it, specifically mentioning Bill Cosby and Roger Ailes.

Hughes responds by saying, “Well, I think when it was going on in the NFL, I think we saw a huge conversation going on,” then deflects by demanding to know who Navarro is supporting in the election. Navarro says again that she is planning to write in her mother’s name (eye roll), and adds, “If I have voted for the Republican nominee every single time in my lifetime, and this year I feel compelled to be repelled and repulsed, and reject that man, it is my right, and it is what I will do. And you are nobody to question my choice.”


Hughes admits it’s Navarro’s right to vote for whoever she wants, but she shouldn’t be disparaging the Republican candidate. When Camerota asks what Republicans who are unhappy with Trump should do, Hughes says, “[Say] Either a) I’m going to vote for Donald Trump because I do not support Hillary Clinton or b) I’m gonna be quiet about it, and let things go his way, sit this election out.”

Navarro jumps in to say, “I don’t think so,” then rattles off a list of Republicans who are definitely not being quiet about Trump. Hughes calls her rude. Navarro calls her a hypocrite. The loop loops again.

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This election is so exhausting