The Great British Bake Off Breaks Records With Its Season Finale

image via Getty.
image via Getty.

Warning: Mild spoilers.

The Great British Bake Off is moving from the BBC to Channel 4 for its next season, and UK’s citizens are rending their clothes and wailing in the internet’s streets. Obviously, they all tuned in to say goodbye for the BBC season finale.


The BBC reports that an average of 14 million people tuned in for this year’s final episode. That number went up to 14.8 million around the time the winner was announced.

It was Candice Brown. Last year’s finale, in which Nadiya Hussain took the cake plate, the average only reached 13.5 million. That number rose to 15 million when they included “catch up” services, like streaming or DVR recordings. To what heights will this year’s numbers grow? Or more importantly, next year’s number, when the show has flown to a new nest?

Charlotte Moore, director of BBC content, gave a little farewell speech to ratings, saying, “BBC One brought over half of the British viewing public together to watch the final of The Great British Bake Off, delivering the highest ever ratings.” Then she probably whispered, “Goddammit” and kicked over a table of cupcakes.

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I think it could be considered fair game to discuss the winner of the show in an article that’s clearly, obviously, right-in-the-headline about the finale of that show.

I mean, I’m not going to “spoil” the finale until it’s deemed okay but none of my friends watch this and I’m DYING to talk about it!

I *can* say it was a deeply satisfying conclusion. Any of the final three could have won, my favourite didn’t get it but the winner was very deserving.