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The Story of Tonight: Here's Your Hamilton Documentary Open Thread

Hallelujah, you’ve finally landed a ticket to Hamilton, so to speak: PBS is airing its long-awaited Hamilton/Hamilton documentary tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern, featuring none other than Lin-Manuel Miranda and his good pal Barack Obama, among others. (They haven’t let it go to their heads, however; a Jezebel staffer saw Anthony Ramos on the subway this afternoon. [She played it cool because it’s New York, but I might not have...]) Here’s an open thread in which you may revel in the unlikely yet wildly successful Venn Diagram where musical theater, New York hip-hop, and our founding fathers intersect. Don’t nerd so hard you hurt yourself! (I can say that because I am one.)


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I haven’t watched any part of Hamilton or listened to any of it, and it seems like I’m the only person I know who loves musical theater and hasn’t at least listened to it - but it’s coming to my city next spring, I’m somewhat likely to find myself with tickets (because reasons), and I kind of want to see it totally fresh for the first time on stage. Is that so wrong?