Uh Oh: Somebody's Suing Oprah Winfrey For Reportedly Stealing the Idea for Iyanla: Fix My Life

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Photo: Getty

Suing Oprah Winfrey sounds like an exercise in futility, but that hasn’t stopped Otisa C. Strickland from filing a lawsuit claiming that Oprah stole the idea for OWN’s hit show Iyanla: Fix My Life.


According to TMZ, Strickland is claiming that the very popular show is basically the same as a show she came up with called The Agency. Her beef with Oprah goes back to 2011, though. Apparently the two got into a fight over a different show which put Strickland “on Oprah’s radar” – not a place I’d particularly like to be, myself. At that point, Strickland claimed she had already copyrighted the concept for The Agency, but Oprah had access to the treatment. Hmm....did Oprah steal the idea for this show?

The suit alleges that the concept of The Agency and Iyanla: Fix My Life are basically the same: a counselor travels around the country, finds people with problems and goes into their homes to fix them. Any similarities between the shows are probably a coincidence, because surprise, I’m sorry, but this isn’t exactly the most original. I mean...it’s fine. It’s a show that’s basically like a book of life advice come to life in the form of Iyanla Vanzant. You could sub Iyanla Vanzant with basically anybody’s name and you’d have the same damn show. The concept isn’t original! It’s an advice column but in real life! It’s not new.

Godspeed, Otisa. I wish you the best.


Sound the alarm. Ring the bell. Gather the trumpeters. Kim Kardashian is back on Twitter, returning in silence to do what we should all probably do: open Twitter, unfollow some fools, close the tab and go outside.

The poor intern at Us Weekly responsible for monitoring Kim’s every move in the wake of the robbery noticed that her follower count had dropped from 121 to 108. As this is the first actual sign from Kim that she’s around, I guess, it’s worthy of mention. What could it mean?!?! What do you think?!

The robbery, as you’re well aware, happened on October 3 in Paris. Somehow that was only ten days ago, though I feel like it’s been approximately five years. True to her word, it looks like Kim’s actually taking a break. She also cancelled an appearance at a club in Vegas on October 28th.


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