Some Good News For Once: Taylor Swift and Ben Affleck Definitely Aren’t Dating

Images via Getty/screengrab.
Images via Getty/screengrab.

After two weeks reading news about Kim’s robbery, Brad and Angie’s divorce, and the implosion of Billy Bush’s career, it’s about time that we began the morning Dirt Bag with good news, and the trusted debunkers at Gossip Cop have provided the perfect story to cure what’s been ailing me: Ben Affleck and Taylor Swift are not dating.


They write:

A headline in the new edition of In Touch announces, “Taylor Sets Her Sights On Ben.” It’s further said, “A new Love Story? Taylor Swift rebounds with Ben Affleck.” According to the article, Swift “made a major impression” on Affleck when they met backstage last year at a “1989 World Tour” concert, where he was “totally blown away by Taylor’s beauty and charming personality.”


Because of those brief comments, the tabloid now crafted an entire relationship story about the two stars. But it’s complete fiction. Or, as Gossip Cop was exclusively told, “It’s total B.S.” In fact, we confirmed with multiple contacts that this Swift-Affleck story was manufactured, and one even laughed when we brought it up. Taylen or Baylor is NOT happening.

Can you imagine what would have happened to the internet—nay, the planet?—had a series of images been released showing Taylor Swift and Ben Affleck making out in an empty Fenway Park? Holding hands somewhere along the Freedom Trail? Sitting on a bench outside Paul Revere’s house watching Good Will Hunting on an iPad while sharing a box of Buncha Crunch? Every phone on the planet would have gone full Galaxy Note 7.

[Gossip Cop]

Earlier this week, a video surfaced showing the immediate aftermath of Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery. In it, Kim can be seen FaceTiming with someone on her couch, while men who look like police officers mull about the apartment. Radar published it. Some weekly tabloids published stills from it. And now, TMZ is reporting that “whoever shot the footage is in big trouble.”

They write:

Our sources tell us Kim’s legal team is now working with French authorities to determine who was behind the camera. The issue is, in France it is illegal to film someone in a private setting without their consent. We’re told police believe this video fits that description.

The video was posted on websites this week, but Kim’s legal team shut it down immediately by sternly reminding the outlets the footage is illegal.


Has anyone heard from Kris Humphries lately?


Oh, and look at this very specific wording:

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What’s a “manger”?

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What’s a “manger”?

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