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An Alleged Rapist Is Claiming His Penis Was Too Small to Commit Assault

Image via Google Maps.
Image via Google Maps.

Jacques “Porkchop” Rouschop is a Canadian man being held on charges of sexual assault in Ottawa. On Thursday, his attorney, Natasha Calvinho, submitted a new defense, claiming his penis was simply too small for him to have committed the crime.


According to the Ottawa Sun, Rouschop was accused of choking and raping two Vanier sex workers in 2013. Both said they were attacked and choked until they blacked out in the back of Rouschop’s pick up truck in an industrial parking lot. Calvinho is combatting the charges with testimony from a nurse who volunteered to take Rouschop’s measurements. She testified that he is “five feet six inches tall, with a 66-inch waist, 31-inch thighs, and a one-inch penis, measuring approximately two inches when erect.”

Rouschop also has a severe hernia, which supposedly makes it to painful for him to engage in sex. The New York Daily News reports that in September one of Rouschop’s accusers said she’d been paid for oral sex, when she was flipped over and heard Rouschop say, “Who’s in charge now?” She didn’t recall the size of his penis.


Rouschop, 43, has an extensive criminal record, mostly for car stealing. But according to the Ottawa Citizen, the police have long suspected him in the murder of a woman named Amy Paul, whose body was found in a field in September of 2013. At the time, Rouschop’s house was searched and the warrant listed three pieces of evidence they were looking for: “grey cellular flip phone, female shoes believed to belong to Amy Paul, female pants believed to belong to Amy Paul.”

Rouschop believes the accusations from the two unnamed women were secured when police were unable to find the evidence they needed to charge him with Paul’s murder. Calvinho said in court, “He believes he is the subject of a witch hunt.”

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You don’t need a dick to be a dick to commit an assault and rape.