Ben Affleck Accused of Censoring Reporters Again

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Ben Affleck is being called out for allegedly censoring the press during a promotional tour for his upcoming film The Accountant, in which he appears to play a nerd who’s dangerously good at math. (If I am understanding the trailer correctly, Affleck’s character’s special power is scribbling math problems furiously on the windows of state-of-the-art office buildings.)


Sam Rubin, a journalist with KTLA, spoke on air on Tuesday of an interview he conducted with Affleck last Sunday, during which someone on Affleck’s PR team allegedly interrupted and told the star to “stick to the film.”

Rubin also alleges that Affleck’s PR team demanded that a different reporter edit comments Affleck made about drug use out of his interview. Per The Hollywood Reporter:

“‘But wait, it gets worse,’ Rubin said. [Affleck’s PR] said ‘studio people’ were editing someone else’s video interview they had just conducted because of a joke about drug use. ‘They were taking out a remark he had actually made of his own freewill and cutting it out of the interview they were giving to somebody, because they think you might not understand it, you might not get Ben’s sense of humor, it might make him look bad.’”

This isn’t a good look for Affleck, who has a history of requesting that certain details of his life be stricken from the record, or never brought to light at all. 2015’s Sony e-mail leak revealed that Affleck had asked the Finding Your Roots produces to edit out slave owners from his family’s lineage. Affleck later apologized, saying he was “embarrassed.”

Affleck has yet to respond to these allegations. Perhaps they will turn out to be as fake as his giant phoenix back tattoo, but I doubt it.

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Photo: Twitter

Go to the grocery store and buy butter like it’s the end of the world, because Paula Deen is launching a syndicated cooking and lifestyle show, Positively Paula, on October 15.

According to Extra, Deen will teach viewers how to make her favorite recipes from her home in Savannah.


“I am so excited to invite my friends from around the country into my home kitchen each week,” Deen said of her forthcoming show. “We are going to have an incredible time cooking up a storm and sharing the most special memories.”

Can’t say I’m gonna tune in and take cooking advice from a lady who posted a picture of herself in brown face in 2015 after being sued by the former manager of Uncle Buba’s Seafood and Oyster House for using the n-word and racial slurs. Then made a documentary about it.


Still gonna pick up some butter, fry it up like a doughnut, deliver it to my mouth in a pecan-enrused hamburger bun.


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