Millie Bobby Brown's Dad Is Maybe Trying to Get Agents to Pay Him for the Privilege of Signing Her

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If you’ve watched Stranger Things, you’re familiar with the show’s break-out child stars, including Millie Bobby Brown, who plays the telekinetic Eleven. If you didn’t watch Stranger Things, they probably still look familiar by now. These kids have been on a never-ending press tour that would kill a grown person, and it certainly seems to have given her dad a case of Show Parent Madness.


The Hollywood Reporter alleges that Robert Brown has been been approaching agents with a very unorthodox proposition: They can rep his 12-year-old daughter if they’re willing to hand over some cold hard cash first, in the ball park of $100,000. With the buzz around Stranger Things, lots of big agencies are eager to sign Brown—but not that eager.

Agencies may give a discount on the usual 10 percent commission they take for new clients, but THR says that sources at five different agencies have said that Brown asked for money upfront, which they’d never agree to. Millie left Paradigm’s kids division earlier in 2016, and she’s supposed to pick an agency in the next week or so. The family has also hired publicity firm Shelter PR and attorney Steve Warren to help Millie navigate her career, and sources from her side say no money will be exchanged with whomever she signs.

According to an interview she did with the Daily Mail, the Brown family has struggled quite a bit in their efforts to make Millie a star. They’ve been successful, but it may have left them in a difficult position as they wait for that success to pay off. They were apparently facing bankruptcy before she was cast in the Netflix Series. Millie said of her climb to the top, “It was very hard. There were lots of tears along the way.”

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Snowqueens Iceramen

This left me feeling gross. She’s a kid for fucks sake. She shouldn’t be saving her family from bankruptcy.