Life Is as True as It Ever Was in the Trailer For True Life's 20th Season

It’s been 18 years since the Emmy-winning documentary series True Life premiered on MTV, and in that time they’ve given their audience of teens and young adults a pathos-filled look into scores of lives and experiences they might not otherwise have been exposed to. Some stories are bleak (the show’s premiere episode chronicled heroin addiction), some are absurd (“I’m a Competitive Eater”), but they’re all—per the title—true. Deep, right?

The show’s 20th season premieres this fall, and MTV has just released its first trailer. Subjects appear to include a professional dominatrix, a diaper fetishist, and a man who survived being shot in the stomach.

Like all long-running MTV shows, a viewer’s favorite episode largely depends on when they came of age. As such, mine is 2002's “I’m Getting Plastic Surgery.” Remember that calf implant guy? I wonder whatever happened to him. Oh right.

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Does anyone know where I can find old episodes of this show? Three episodes that absolutely enthralled me were “I’m a Binge Drinker” (WOW I wonder whatever happened to that blonde gal), “I’m a cheerleader,” and “I’m an urban cheerleader” (“We can’t perform our halftime routine tonight because someone got shot”).