Kim Kardashian Reportedly Feared She Would Be Raped During Paris Robbery

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Image via Getty.

TMZ has received additional information about the robbery of Kim Kardashian over the weekend, and every new detail about the reportedly is somehow more horrifying than the last.


Sources told the website that Kim was “lying in bed with only her robe” when the thieves—one masked and one dressed as a police officer—entered her Paris apartment. Before she could call her bodyguard, “one of the men yanked the phone out of her hands.”

Then things got worse.

They zip tied her hands with plastic handcuffs and duct taped her to make it more secure. We’re told one of the men grabbed her by the ankles.


The men kept saying, “ring, ring.” She told them where [the new ring Kanye had just given her] was in the apartment, but that was not the end. Kim continued to beg and cry, and at that point the robbers duct taped her mouth shut.


The ordeal was so terrifying for Kardashian that “at that point she believed she was about to be raped.”

While the robbery was taking place, Kardashian’s friend Simone “locked herself in the bathroom and called Pascal,” who arrived “two minutes after the robbers left.”

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Rant: I never thought I would say this considering its Kim K, but I don’t think this was faked for “attention whoring”. Say what you will about her but my gut tells me this isn’t the kind of shit she’d lie about fur attention. Robberies DO happen, and when you consider someone of her wealth this is a reality that has a precedent.

If history proves me wrong, cool whatever, but my feeling is that everyone needs to STFU right quick with these shitty comments about her somehow deserving this. Nobody deserves this shit and these comments reek of self righteous judgementalism. I’m going to go out in a limb here and publically say that I, a Kardashian hater, truly feel for Kim on this one I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt; imagine if that happened to you, people. That is PTSD inducing shit right there.

I think lying about this for “famewhoring” is too low for Kim. Kim needs attention but she doesn’t strike me as pathological. She doesn’t need to lie about this when she can just stir the celebrity gossip shit or throw some well placed shade and and it would fill the same as space.