Oh Shit, We're Getting A Meaty TV Show From Abbi Jacobson and Jessi Klein

Image via Getty/Amazon
Image via Getty/Amazon

I will dispense with any puns about carnivores, bloody steaks and filet mignon to bring you this news with the amount of excitement it deserves: A show based on Samantha Irby’s book Meaty is currently in development at FX and I could not be happier!!

For those unaware of Sam Irby’s brilliance, gather round. She’s the writer behind Bitches Gotta Eat, the best blog about pooping, book clubs, blow jobs and life in general you will ever read, and the author of the aforementioned Meaty, a book of personal essays I feel so strongly about that I recommend it to everyone who asks me for book recommendations and even those who don’t.

Deadline reports that the show will be written by Jessi Klein, the head writer on Inside Amy Schumer and Abbi Jacobson of Broad City. The show will reportedly follow Irby’s foibles through “failed relationships, taco feasts, her struggles with Crohn’s disease, poverty, blackness and body image.” Sounds good!


While we while away the time until this show makes it to air, read this tribute to her recently-deceased cat, Helen Keller and follow that up with her recommendations on which pages in Fifty Shades of Grey are the best masturbation fodder. Sam Irby is a national treasure. This should be great.

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As far as I can tell, so far both Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer have been using their fame to produce awesome female driven projects and I freaking love it.