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A Disney fan site called Stitch Kingdom has published what they claim to be the first clear image of Belle and the beast from the upcoming live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast. In it, you can see a woman who looks a lot like Emma Watson in Belle drag dancing uncomfortably with a creature who looks a lot like Harry from Harry and the Hendersons in Beast drag.


Stitch Kingdom is standing by the image as authentic (in addition to claiming the were not obtained illegally), and Jezebel staff members have officially deemed it completely fucking bonkers.

“Emma Watson can do better.”

- Emma Carmichael


- Kate Dries


- Kelly Faircloth

“I’m kind of impressed by her dance form, but not by her choice to do this film.”


- Julianne Escobedo Shepherd


- Bobby Finger

“Ever notice how Beauty & the Beast promotes beastiality?”

- Clover Hope

“Wait, is that the Downton Abbey guy?”

- Stassa Edwards

“Oh yeah we are going to see Emma W. f*** a big dog.”

- Joanna Rothkopf

Staff Writer, Jezebel | Man

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was joanna’s “fuck” censored because this is a disney post or did she type it in like that?