Andrew Keegan's Cult Is Going Broke, But You Can Buy Crystals to Help

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Even the funniest, most shocking celebrity stories—the ones that hit you like a wrecking ball when first reported—can quickly fade from your memory like a disappointing pop single after a week or two. You gasp. You laugh. You forget. Former teen icon Andrew Keegan’s “spiritual community” in Venice, CA is one of those stories, and when I read Page Six’s Friday update about its current financial trouble, I thought, “Oh right! Andrew Keegan leads a cult!”


Full Circle, the cult in question, is reportedly “desperate to secure funds that will cover rent and operations” related to the 111-year-old building they’ve occupied since 2014. They need to raise $111,000 in the next six weeks, but have only collected $27,022. Want to help? You’ll be rewarded if you do! Or perhaps punished, depending on how you feel about jewelry that’s been “infused” with “love.”

Writes Page Six:

An $11 donation rewards supporters with two rose quartz heart bracelets that “will be placed on [Full Circle’s altar during] our Sunday meditation.” Full Circle writes that the crystal heart bracelets will be infused with “the love of our community” prior to being delivered. At press time, nine bracelets had been claimed.

Not convinced? Allow Keegan himself to explain why rose quartz bracelets are definitely worth the money.

“The significance, of course, is the frequency of love that is within the rose quartz crystal. Really with the world and the way that it’s going with all of the things bringing people back to that kind of a moment. Having them take recognition too that being the real core and essence of life is love.”


Now that I’ve convinced you to throw thousands of dollars at the star of 10 Things I Hate About You for crystals that capture the frequency of love, might I suggest you spend a little extra dough on more...personal merch?

A $50 donation bestows upon donors an autographed poster from Keegan’s “own collection” with a personalized message.


Page Six very helpfully points out that “zero out of 33" of those have been claimed, so what are you waiting for? Help keep this cult alive! Or don’t, and forget it ever existed by November.

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