Airport Customs Official Finds Human Intestines Inside Woman's Luggage

Image via Shutterstock.
Image via Shutterstock.

All sorts of things get found in luggage and even make it on to planes, despite the fact that most airports blast you with radiation while you’re standing in your socks. All the searches feel unnecessarily invasive, but still—hats off to the custom agent who discovered human intestines in a lady’s bag before she could store them in the overhead compartment.


The Associated Press reports that an Austrian official found tightly sealed plastic containers full of intestines and formaldehyde in a Moroccan woman’s suitcase at an airport in Graz. It’s unbelievable that she thought she could smuggle something like that aboard when most of us can’t sneak in a six ounce bottle of Poland Spring.

Sadly, the intestines belonged to her late husband. She told police that she was bringing them to Austria to be tested for poison. Authorities from Morocco had labeled the cause of her husband’s death as being from an abdominal obstruction. The Daily Mail says the woman was pulled aside for appearing “suspicious,” which sounds made up, but certainly possible considering the circumstances. There’s no information on if the woman was allowed to keep her package or continue her pursuit of justice.

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Hmm. Looks like airport security just didn’t have ... the guts.

I’ll see myself out.