Christopher Darden Finally Admits to the World That He and Marcia Clark Were 'More than Friends'

Image of a man who finally admits THE TRUTH via screen grab/Entertainment Tonight
Image of a man who finally admits THE TRUTH via screen grab/Entertainment Tonight

After quietly shipping the TV versions of Marcia Clark and Christopher Darden for months, the world has an answer to the question weighing heavy on their hearts and minds.


Somehow, Entertainment Tonight did what Ellen DeGeneres could not and got an answer out of Darden about whether or not he and Clark were anything other than two capable lawyers working under extreme pressure. When pressed by the woman wagging a microphone under his chin, Darden says “We were more than friends....We were inseparable back then.”

Sure. They were “inseparable” because they were working on a very high-profile case that demanded every ounce of free time, as evidenced by The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story’s excellent portrayal of that case and all the players involved. One episode in particular flirted with the idea that Clark (Sarah Paulson) and Darden (Sterling K. Brown) might have had something going on, but never really followed through with that storyline. Fair enough. Their romance or whatever wasn’t the focus of the show, but the scene in which Clark and Darden stare deep into each other’s eyes in a hotel hallway while clearly thinking about making out feels like something.

Now, there’s this:

When pressed on whether or not he’d ever tell the whole truth about the nature of their relationship, the 60-year-old lawyer said, “I think I have told the truth.”

“In lawyer land, a half truth is a truth,” he added.

While Darden says he “really can’t remember the details” of his time with Clark during the trial, he was insistent that the two never kissed, sharing, “I’m not a kisser. Kissing is intimate. Kissing is more intimate than sex.”

That’s quite a quote, bud! “Kissing is more intimate than sex.” So....did you? Did you do the thing that wasn’t as intimate as kissing? Rather then speculate any further on whether or not these two people smashed or not (they might have), let us look to Darden’s answer to an even more telling question.

When asked to describe his relationship with Clark in one word, Darden said, “Fire.”

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