Wife of New York City Bombing Suspect Left U.S. Days Before Attack

Photo via the FBI
Photo via the FBI

The wife of New York City and New Jersey bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami left the U.S. sometime last week, a senior law enforcement official tells CNN.


Though there’s an obvious implication to her exit, it’s not yet clear when exactly she left the country, or why. The official tells CNN authorities are working with Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates “to get access to her and to ask questions about what she knew.”

Authorities say Rahami left a series of bombs around New York City and New Jersey this weekend—including one that detonated in Chelsea Saturday night, injuring 29 people. Surveillance footage reportedly shows him dragging the bomb in a suitcase down West 23rd Street, where it later exploded under a dumpster after scavengers grabbed the suitcase, leaving the bomb—encased in a pressure cooker—behind by a dumpster.

Rahami was captured Monday, after his name and photograph were released to the media. He was reportedly spotted sleeping in the vestibule of a bar in Linden, New Jersey and was ultimately shot in the leg and arrested after a confrontation with police that also left two officers wounded. Footage of the suspect, bloodied and lying on a hospital gurney, aired on most of the major networks.

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Man, it’s so much fun that this guy is going to dominate the news cycle for at least a couple more weeks after having killed exactly zero people when another woman-targeting serial killer was just picked up in Ohio who has so far been connected to 5 deaths.