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Britney Spears Admits 'Oops I Did It Again' Doesn't Mean Anything

We’ve been threatened with this edition of Carpool Karaoke for what feels like months and it’s finally here. Britney Spears is sent from above to at times sing, and at other times leave all the musical heavy lifting to James Corden. How much of this guy’s life is spent memorizing lyrics?


Some other facts revealed during this segment: she drinks water out of a bottle with a straw, she doesn’t want to get married again, but does want three more kids and is willing to admit that she’d at least French kiss a guy. She also is intrigued by the idea of tickling as the “new BDSM.” She admits that “Oops, I Did It Again,” is just a song with zero meaning, like so much in life, though she and James Corden do reenact everything in it including the Heart of the Ocean moment.

Inevitably, James Corden ends up dressed in Britney drag. She plays along, but I love that she was clearly like, “You aren’t touching my hair.”

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Ginger Is A Construct

Coming from Louisiana I sometimes wonder how much happier Britney might be if she had never become famous, but had those five kids, no conservatorship, and was still living in Louisiana, going to crawfish boils and tailgating Tigers’ games.

On another note: chokers still? There are still people thinking ‘you know what? My neck looks too long, I want it to look stumpy. I know, I’ll wear a choker!’