Cassie And Diddy Reportedly Fought About Breaking Up But Didn't Break Up

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Diddy and Cassie, who’ve been in a low-key relationship for like nine years with limited public acknowledgement of said relationship at first, reportedly had an argument on Wednesday in which police got involved.


TMZ describes the reported circumstances of the clash in Beverly Hills as “explosive,” and sources say it started with Cassie telling Diddy she was ready to leave him for good:

We’re told Diddy got pissed off and suspicious enough to grab her phone and start scrolling through.

Our sources say Diddy jumped out of the car in Bev Hills — phone in hand — and she took off with the driver.

Diddy eventually came home and returned the phone, but then took 2 cars parked outside.

Sources claim Cassie’s mom called the cops and that the episode was written up as a “domestic incident.”

It’s fine, though. They’re fine. According to Us Weekly, the couple has not broken up and we know this because Us has blessed us with a very good quote from a very informed source: “[It] is what it is.” [It] certainly is.

This is an interesting relationship, to say the least. Much of the talk around it has focused on their age gap—Diddy is 46 and Cassie, 29—and rumors of Diddy being an alleged cheater. Over the years, he’s had an off-again, on-again relationship with the mother of his children, model Kim Porter. Cassie was of course signed as an artist to Diddy’s Bad Boy Records before getting romantically involved with him.

In an interview with Power 105's The Breakfast Club, Diddy broke down his love philosophy almost like a business deal, essentially explaining that he’s 25% an asshole. “What I can deliver out of a pie is, I could promise you that [if] I’m in a relationship with you, like 25 percent of your time, you’re gonna just feel like aw man I hate being here, this guy, aw man, he cheated on me, he lied on me,” he says. “But then there’s 75 percent of I’ma make you the happiest woman in the whole wide world... And I promise you’ll smile the most.”


Sounds fun. Please note that in July, Page Six published this great headline: “Cassie spotted flirting with someone other than Diddy.”

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