Everyone Is Getting Furious Very Fast Over the Feud Between Vin Diesel and The Rock

Image via Getty.
Image via Getty.

It’s always seemed as though The Rock is generally more beloved than Vin Diesel by the culture at large, but apparently on the set of Fast and Furious, The Rock gets kicked.

Earlier this week, The Rock insinuated with some strong language that he was frustrated with one of his co-stars on set. Though he eventually gave a vague apology, it got out that his rival is none other than grandaddy of the franchise, Vin Diesel. And he mad.

Now, yet another handsome, muscular shaven man has jumped into the fray. Tyrese first posted just a picture of himself with his longtime pal and co-star Vin, but then he followed it up with a second photo and a long caption that reads in part:

I’ve always said that if ONLY people knew how hard you work to protect this franchise and characters, minds would be blown...... The fans around the world who continue to show UP for us are just all around amazing...... And if no one else will jump out there and stand up I will - You’re my brother for life let’s keep it positive and keep rockin this thing...... My proudest post.


Emphasis mine.

Meanwhile, Ludacris posted a #tbt that featured the Fast and Furious cast, sans Rock. Look who is front and center:


Is The Rock in everyone’s shoe? I don’t know what to think, but I am loving this feud. More, please, bald daddies.

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lol I would take the Rock over any and all of these no-talent muhfuckers

no disrespect :D