Samantha Bee Reads Your Comments, Loses Faith in Humanity As a Result

Image via screenshot/YouTube
Image via screenshot/YouTube

As a woman and public figure, Sam Bee gets an awful lot of crap slung her way by the chatty Cathys of the internet, all equipped with opinions and thoughts and feelings that are so intelligent that they must be shared. Here, in the latest installment of “Real or Fake,” a “game” in which she guesses which comments are real and which are fake, Sam Bee finally cracks.


“LOL she stands like her d**k is getting pinched between her legs” writes one yung Shakespeare. Another accuses her of witchcraft. All of these chill and cool thoughts from the unwashed masses armed with nothing more than a bunch of thoughts and a Twitter account are real! She got six in a row right! Unprecedented.

“I am not getting a really good feeling from humanity,” she laughs.

Same here, bud.

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samantha bee is a damn national treasure, for two nations, and she can pinch her d**k between my legs any time she chooses.