Code Pink Co-Founder Covered With American Flag at RNC While Holding Anti-Racist Sign

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One day after a two members of the women-led anti-war grassroots organization Code Pink were kicked out of the 2016 Republican National Convention shortly after a male attendee tried to rip a banner reading “Refugees Welcome” out of one of their hands, yet another activist was affronted by GOP supporters while holding an anti-racist sign.


The woman, who was identified on Twitter as activist and Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans, was caught on camera by C-SPAN during an address given by former GOP primary hopeful and tepid Eeyore impersonator Ben Carson. While a musical interlude played, Evans held a sign which read “No Racism. No Hatred.” while standing in the seats of Cleveland’s noticeably half-empty Quicken Loans Arena.

Evans was then approached by a group of disgruntled RNC spectators—most of whom were men—holding full-size American flags; they proceeded to surround Evans and attempted to block her from view by covering her with said flags.

One of the attendants could be seen throwing a flag around her face, completely enveloping her head, and forcing it back while pulling the cloth towards his chest.

Accompanying the counter-protesters were three security guards, who stood by and watched without immediately intervening.


Footage surfaced on Twitter of another member of the audience—an elderly woman—tugging at Evans’ banner, in an attempt to take it away from her. (It is unclear whether this happened before or after she was covered in flags.)


As The Wall Street Journal noted, many were quick to point out the inherent irony in using a symbol of national freedom to quell and deter the freedom of speech, a basic American right. Others took to social media to point out how the actions of the GOP supporters encroached upon Evans’ personal space.


After the incident occurred, Evans was escorted off the premises by security.

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