Kristen Wiig Goes on Fallon as Bachelorette JoJo, Knows Nothing About The Bachelorette

In a tradition that never gets old, Kristen Wiig went on The Tonight Show to promote her new movie (this time, Ghostbusters) not as herself, but as a fellow celebrity who she knows very little about. In the past, she’s impersonated Michael Jordan, Harry Styles, and the Mother of Dragons. This time, she’s the embodiment of JoJo Fletcher, current star of The Bachelorette. And guess what? Kristen’s JoJo also sings.


Asked to name her final four (with Jimmy Fallon helpfully holding up visual aids), Wiig/JoJo dubbed them “Scotchy,” “Deuce-y,” “Corn,” and “Mark Hamill.” Other than that, her character—with the pain she carries from last season of The Bachelor and fixation with her own blowout—was fairly dead on.

Even the real JoJo approves:

The Bachelorette seems to be a hot topic for all of the new Ghostbusters cast. During a panel discussion with People and Entertainment Weekly’s editorial director Jess Cagle, Kate McKinnon revealed that the show is her pop culture obsession, while co-star Leslie Jones is not a fan.

Jones remarked, “You know what makes me mad about The Bacherlorette? That you know that that chick would get a man. Get me a date. That’s a fucking show. I would watch that show.”

Would someone worthy please ask out Leslie Jones?

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Dave Haaz-Baroque

I just cannot fathom all the haters who insist Wiig isn’t funny. The woman is a treasure.

Also that clip just adds to all the evidence that I will not be able to look at a single reaction shot from McKinnon without losing my shit. I will be shocked if this film doesn’t rocket her career.