Llamas Say, 'Fuck Your Tour de France,' Casually Obstruct Race Course

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This year’s Tour de France competitors may face a unique obstruction as they contend with the grueling course through the Pyrenees Mountains: llamas. On July 2, a herd of roughly 20 was spotted in repose on the Col de Tourmalet race course. And llamas, I think we can safely surmise, do not give a fuck about the Tour de France.

According to the Independent, llamas gathered on the road to keep warm throughout a cold fog. Here they are, engaged in their daily graze and chill:


The woolly quadrupeds are, if you will, in the area on summer holiday. The herd was purchased by a campsite owner to maintain the grounds at La Mongie throughout the winter. Come summer, he brought our roosting pals to Tourmalet, where they will reside until October.

Top Image via Getty. Embedded Images via Twitter.

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The critters in the top pic are alpacas. The animals on the road are llamas. Llamas are much larger, aren’t cute and fuzzy, and will spit when annoyed or threatened. Alpacas are straight-up dicks, though.