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Old Yelling Man Decides to Yell Some More

In the first of a series of speeches titled “Where We Go From Here,” Bernie Sanders spoke to a crowd of supporters in New York City, promising them he would continue to push for a “political revolution.”


Unfortunately, no one from the cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer made an appearance.

While acknowledging the astronomical impossibility that Sanders would garner the Democratic presidential nomination—considering his rival Hillary Clinton more or less has that in the bag—everyone’s favorite curmudgeonly zayde also vowed that the would continue his sea change, despite the fact that he didn’t exactly go into the logistics of what it entails.


“The main point I’m going to make tonight, and I’m going to make it over and over again: It’s not about Bernie Sanders,” said the long-time Vermont senator during his 80-minute town hall speech. “It’s about you and millions of other people. What the political revolution means is that you are the revolutionaries. And that is what this campaign has shown.”

Sanders made no mention of the presumptive Democratic nominee during his speech, but her presence was still undeniably felt. During his remarks, Sanders supporters could be heard yelling “fucking Hillary!” in the background.

Sanders is next expected to speak on the morning of Friday, June 23 in New York City.

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You want a political revolution, Bernie? Go back to Congress and do some fucking work.

I liked you. I really did. But you need a practical plan instead of vague arguments about a sea change.