I Can't Believe It's Been Over 10 Years Since the Best TV Interview of All Time

In March of 2006, around the time of her 60th birthday, Liza Minnelli appeared as a guest on CNN’s Larry King Live. Based on the chyron (I’ve never seen the full episode), she was there to talk about “her life, her loves, her mom Judy Garland & more, plus your calls!” Unlike Ben Affleck during the premiere of Any Given Wednesday, Minnelli doesn’t seem drunk, she just seems... uninhibited. Couple that with the fact that she is Liza Minnelli, and you have what might be the best cable TV interview of all time.


Soon after the episode aired, Gawker Media’s very own Rich Juzwiak cut together a short video of Minnelli’s most memorable responses and reactions. If you’ve never seen this essential pop culture relic, click it now without finishing this paragraph. If you’ve seen it a million times, like myself and Julianne Escobedo Shepherd, make it a million and one. You won’t regret it.

Images via screengrab.

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Wow, this brought me back. Also, I miss fourfour, when Rich wasn’t as pessimistic.