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NYPD Is Looking to I.D. This Guy Who Rode the Subway With His Balls Out

NYPD is investigating an incident involving a man who had his testicles dangling on a subway seat.


Gothamist posted an unsettling photo from a tipster that showed a man in what looks like unusual cut-off shorts reading a newspaper with his balls grazing the seat. The person who sent the photo wrote:

I photographed the man so I could report him to the police. He apparently noticed me taking pictures, and lowered his unusually baggy t-shirt to partially cover his exposed genitals while they remained out of his shorts. It could be inferred that he wore this long shirt so that he could cover himself when standing, and while seated if he chose.


When the tipster tried reporting the man to a precinct, cops felt a police report was unnecessary since the man wasn’t masturbating or anything. Hm.

Although the testicle perpetrator’s face was blurred out in the original post, NYPD Transit officials have gone ahead and exposed him in order to spread the word in hopes of identifying the guy. Via Gothamist:

The police sent a “Request for Media Attention,” asking the public if they have seen this individual riding a southbound 4 train approaching the 14th Street-Union Square station on June 12th. The suspect, who is now sought by the NYPD for public lewdness, is described as being 55-65 years old.

Help if you’ve seen this man by calling the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline (1-800-577-TIPS) or at

Culture Editor, Jezebel

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Oh Donnaaaaaaa! Donna Strunk!!!

I’ve never understood not confronting a flasher. I was flashed a few times during my time living in NYC and I’d either laugh and point(they hate that) or scream THIS GUY’S DICK IS OUT!! HEY EVERYONE THIS GUY HAS HIS DICK OUT!! Works like a charm.