Watch Selena Gomez Do Rollercoaster Karaoke With a Screaming James Corden

James Corden has resigned himself to a life of singing karaoke in a car with celebrities and that can get boring. So Selena Gomez took him on an adventure on Monday night’s The Late Late Show.


The pair start out in the car, singing her single “Same Old Love” together before Gomez suggests a fun detour, just as they wrote it in the script. She and Corden end up on a rollercoaster, where they belt “Come & Get It”—actually, it’s mostly her singing while he screams—as they plummet from high up in the air while strapped into a manmade contraption. “Oh God, that was no fun,” says Corden, lying. Later, they make a pitstop at McDonald’s and try to get one of those promo drinks with Selena Gomez lyrics on it. She seems like a cool hang.

Culture Editor, Jezebel

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I enjoy the carpool karaoke segments, but what I really love are those “crosswalk musicals” he does during red lights at a busy intersection.

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