Jon Stewart Made an Appearance on Samantha Bee's Show with a Tiny Horse

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Jon Stewart’s been up to a lot since leaving The Daily Show. As Samantha Bee says, he’s opened a “massage farm” and she needs his advice on what to do with a tiny adorable horse.

“This is your world,” she says, meaning the world of getting a small horse out of an office. “I’m pretty sure I heard you gave up show business to go massage livestock,” she adds. Stewart does look like he’s been hanging out on the porch, letting his beard grow as long as the ripening golden wheat.

Stewart supports and runs animal sanctuaries that are mainly the project of his wife Tracey, who in fact does rub pigs.


Samantha Bee was in a reflective mood throughout most of last night’s episode, looking back on her old boss and the journey we’ve taken through the primaries. Look back to move forward, straight into the end times.

Screengrab via YouTube.

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