Where Were You When You Figured Out What J. Lo's Actual First Line Was in 'I'm Real'?

Were you at my house, last Friday night, when all of a sudden one of your girlfriends out of nowhere set down her large rosé jug and said, “OK, can I tell everyone that I just figured out what J. Lo is saying at the beginning of that Ja Rule song?”


And then everyone was like, “What are you talking about?” and then that girlfriend said, “So this whole time I thought she was saying Are you Ellie, like Is your name Ellie, like Hello, would you happen to be that woman named Ellie that I know from around the way?”

Then you laughed because that’s a crazy thing to think and then another one of your friends said, “Wait, I thought that was what J. Lo was saying? What is she saying??” and then someone else said, “Yeah me too..... what is it” and then you texted your friend and colleague Ellie, only to find:

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Guys. To clear this up once and for all, Take Off Your Pants and Jacket is a play on words, and J.Lo is saying “R-U-L-E” because Ja Rule has literally just Cookie Monster-yelled at her, “What’s my motherfuckin name?”

Did you know this? Where were you when you figured this out? With me at my house? With me at my blog? Back in 2001, like God intended? To be fair, this whole time I remembered it as Ja Rule answering his own question and not Queen J. Lo herself.

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Ellie Shechet

J.Lo: Are u Ellie?

Me, until Friday 5/6/16: Yas