Saturday Night Social: Hosted by a Cat Who Is Prettier Than Mine

I just yelled at my cat, “Get out of here!” because he walked between me and the monitor.


Yes, cats host a lot when I’m on duty. What can I say. I love Smoothie.


Happy Caturday!

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Gorgeous kitty!

Hello SNS Jezzies! What’s everyone drinking tonight?

I think I am going to open a bottle of prosecco and have a glass while sitting on my porch reading until the sun goes down. At that point I am going to the dude who I guess I am boning again’s house so he can make dinner. Talked to him last Saturday about how I don’t mind making dinner, but he has to start paying for ingredients or whatever. He is making dinner tonight as a compromise I suppose. Then we will play backgammon on the set that my grandfather taught me how to play on. Which should be nice. Also going to watch John Wick in preparation for seeing Keanu tomorrow. And I don’t care if I am not supposed to with my braces, but I am going to eat some damn movie theater popcorn! It was a rough week and I am looking forward to having this time with him since I enjoy his company. Last Saturday we ended up talking until we both were just like “I am sick of talking about our relationship”, but it allowed us to say things to each other that needed to be said and I am glad we had the conversation.

I have made no progress this week in the grad school application process. But that was mainly due to work just totally kicking my ass this week.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday.