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Coming Soon: A New Version of the Profoundly Weird Children's Classic Watership Down

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Netflix and the BBC are teaming up for a new adaptation of Richard Adams’ Watership Down, which is about a bunch of displaced rabbits looking for a new home, but is much, much stranger than that description makes it sound. The cast includes James McAvoy, John Boyega, Nicholas Hoult, and others.


That’s according to The Guardian, which explains:

The four-part animation will give a more prominent and heroic role to the female characters in Richard Adams’s novel, which tells the story of rabbits forced to find a new home after their warren is destroyed, than in the famously blood and gore-heavy film of 1978.


In case you’ve never seen the 1978 adaptation, this trailer gives you a sense of the mayhem, though there’s even more gore in the full movie:

Even if this version is toned dramatically down, it’s working from an original text that is—let’s just say—extremely memorable. One of the rabbits is, if I recall my seventh-grade reading correctly, psychic. Also, they have to go find female rabbits to perpetuate the colony, which gives the later chapters a pervasive rabbit-sex vibe. Anyway! Can’t wait!

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No, don’t remake it! Trick children into watching the original! Laugh at their broken tears! IT’S HOW THEY LEARN.