Athleta Now Has a Line Just For Girls 6 to 14

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Gap Inc. continues to bet on the unstoppable rise of athleisure, and that extends even to kids: They’ve just launched Athleta Girl for customers 6 to 14. Don’t wanna be rude, here, but isn’t most children’s clothing already designed with play in mind?


That’s according to Racked; you can now shop offerings on the Athleta website by “run,” “swim,” “training,” and—of course—“yoga and studio.” “The girls’ category is a natural fit for Athleta as the brand has been active in empowering both women and girls through fitness since its founding in 1998,” Athleta president Nancy Green told the outlet. She added:

A girls’ line is something our customers have been asking for – girls today want to dress sporty. They are living more active lives. We see Athleta Girl as an opportunity to offer her clothes that are comfortable, stylish, high-quality, built to move and will perform for her.

That’s great, but this looks more driven by Gap Inc. thinking everyone wants to wear yoga pants than a real shortage of sporty clothing for girls. (Hell, there’s even a plethora of options for your American Girl doll.) Athleta Girl will presumably play out just like Umbro and their shiny checkerboard soccer shorts, which ultimately become less about dedication to sports than keeping up with the hottest trends in your elementary school. In other words, just like athleisure for adults!

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All I ever want out of clothing for my daughter is slightly too-long shorts. She’s all legs and shorts go from being an okay length to being booty shorts in the space of a week! Since she refuses to stop growing, slightly longer shorts would be the best thing ever.

I’d say that most BOYS’ clothing is designed for play, but girls’ clothing... yeeeeeesh, not really. Most stores have plenty of basic things like shorts and t-shirts and whatnot but then there are dresses and skirts and dressy dresses and the things with the sequins and the weird ruffles and WTF is that, an asymmetrical hemline, I thought we were done with those... it goes on and on.

Having some stuff to wear to softball practice that is made out of athletic fabric (moisture wicking whatever) would be nice, so I will probably check this stuff out for WeePiglet.