Here's a Movie About a Dream Future in Which Men Are Going Extinct

Ladies and the men who love us, it’s Friday, so start your weekend by watching the trailer for No Men Beyond This Point, a Canadian mockumentary about a world where men are nearly extinct and mostly in hiding or living in convalescent homes aging out—until they begin to fight back.


“Women take over the world and guess what? We live in a world where there’s no wars and no fucking,” says one man in the trailer. The film debuted at the 2015 Toronto Film Festival and is coming to DVD on July 21 in Canada, according to its official Facebook page. As for the American release, Deadline reports that a “2016 release is in the works” but doesn’t specify a hard date unfortunately.

Let’s all keep an eye out and if you have any information on this beautiful possibility of a future, share it!


You know what has been bugging me for a month?

Every time a story on robots comes up and you read the comments (because I hate myself), the men are always clamoring for sex robots to replace women. They are always saying those damned feminists, and the way women are nowadays... May as well have a robot!

So really, they never saw women as anything more than Fleshlights and Roombas, but the issue is always WOMEN. How dare they think they are human and deserve other things in their lives other than to be a slave to men’s desires? How fucking dare they?!

I always find it funny when MEN complain about women who hate them. It’s like, really? R-fucking-EALLY?!