Some People Just Want to Kiss While the World Burns

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The Tap Inn bar and casino in Billings, Montana, was robbed at gunpoint, but watch these people neck.


The robbery took place at around 1 am on Monday, which already explains a lot about the vibe. If you’re still planted on your stools at that hour, on a work day, you are sealing the deal.

Police are still looking for suspects who blew past our romantic heroes as the bartender was forced to empty the register. Happily, no one was injured, and even more happily, surveillance footage caught the whole thing:

Though maybe somebody got spanked later.

Screenshot via AP.

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Dummy Text

I feel like a few of the people in this video seem way too chill about this situation, like the guy at the end of the bar just chilling with his beer like ugh this again. Does this just happen regularly there?