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People Magazine's cover predictably goes with the St Paul of Beatlemania divorce, and guess what? Heather Mills is a cow! Who knew?

But a few pages later we get to the extraordinary story of Richelle Nice, a juror on the Scott Peterson trial who's decided to get in touch with her inner self by getting in touch with the convicted murderer she helped sentence to death. Fair enough, this is America, after all. But why go public with the sorry little tale?

"Asked why she decided to release these seemingly private letters to PEOPLE, Nice says she was "scared they'd be leaked out somehow."

And then she wouldn't get any money for them! And God knows, she needs the cash:

"Nice admits that her letters to Peterson are also partly an attempt to find answers to questions about herself. She has never been married. Her four sons were fathered by two different men with whom she had long-term relationships. Over the years she has worked jobs ranging from a nursing assistant to a bank clerk. Last August Nice enrolled in cosmetology school, hoping to eventually start a career as a hair and make-up artist. But in December, after years of mental health issues, she suffered a major breakdown and was admitted into San Mateo Medical Center's psychiatric ward. She's currently on a battery of medications for her pychiatric problems."

The meds ain't cheap, people.