Netflix Sneakily Implements Price Increase for Its Longtime Patrons

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Last year Netflix hiked up its subscription rates for new members but, in a merciful gesture, allowed existing customers to continue paying the same prices. But come May 2016, that Buffy the Vampire Slayer binge will cost you an extra two dollars per month whether you’re a longtime addict—err, I mean subscriber—or a new adopter of the service.

The A.V. Club reports that subscribers will now pay $9.99 per month rather than $7.99. The ubiquitous increase comes as a result of the company taking measures to “un-grandfather” those still paying the lower rate. Roughly 17 million people will be impacted, “most of whom would have found out about it roughly never, because who spends precious Animaniacs-watching time looking at their Netflix bill?”

That said, Business Insider bids us remember that Netflix will still be a better deal than cable television. They explain that “Netflix costs $0.09 per hour of viewing, while a typical pay-TV costs $0.30 an hour.” Netflix thus leads significantly in terms of “price per hour of entertainment.”


And besides, how else will we learn what befalls the women of Litchfield Prison or Jessica Jones? What other service can come to the rescue when we require Dawson’s Creek reruns at 2 a.m.?

Netflix, you crafty minx, what defenseless captives you have made of us.

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Is anybody really going to care about this? I mean, cable is like a hundred bucks a month for HBO, Showtime, and two hundred and fifty channels of garbage. Even the “paid” version of Hulu — WHICH STILL HAS ADS — is ten bucks. (Does anybody even do the paid Hulu thing? I was willing to happily give them money until I realized they were still going to be flinging fucking pharmaceutical ads at me seventeen times an hour.)