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Alexa Curtin, Daughter of Real Housewives Star, Accuses Cop of Rape

Illustration for article titled Alexa Curtin, Daughter of iReal Housewives/i Star, Accuses Cop of Rape

Alexa Curtin, daughter of former Real Housewives of Orange County star Lynne Curtin, has accused an Orange County police officer of rape.


According to Page Six, Curtin (pictured above on the right with her sister Raquel during an earlier season of RHOC) “filed a lawsuit against the Orange County Sheriff’s Department accusing an Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy of raping her following a routine traffic stop.”

The lawsuit refers to events from April 2014, when Curtin, 21 at the time, was returning from her boyfriend’s house:

“The lawsuit states: ‘The Deputy searched Plaintiff’s vehicle. Plaintiff had some of her clothing in her vehicle. While searching...the Deputy found some of the Plaintiff’s underwear and began inappropriately questioning Plaintiff about her underwear, asking if the underwear belonged to her, how many pairs she had, why she needed the underwear, etc.’

The Deputy then informed Curtin that he had to attend to ‘another more pressing matter,’ but ordered Curtin to remain in her vehicle. He returned 20 minutes later, in his personal vehicle and out of uniform, and sat in the passenger seat.

‘The Deputy began issuing orders to Plaintiff. Based on information and belief the Deputy said, ‘Since you are still here, I am going to fuck the shit out of you.’”


The lawsuit states that Curtin was too afraid to protest and thus “complied” with the deputy’s demands. She did not immediately report the rape because, as her lawyer Jeremy Jass told The Daily Mail, “she was concerned she would suffer some retaliation from the [police] department.” It seemed plausible that her rapist could easily locate her after learning that she had filed a report.

Now, however, she has made her accusation public and “waived her right to anonymity in the case, to encourage any additional potential victims of the officer to come forward.” Curtin’s status as a public figure will, it is hoped, embolden others to speak out as she has done.

In the meantime, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department refuses comment.

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The NY Daily News also throws in this irrelevant tidbit, casually describing Alexa as “...the one-time porn starlet” and has a pic of her Instagram with her (I assume) porn name.