Drew Barrymore Breaks With Husband Will Kopelman

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After three years of marriage, Drew Barrymore has separated from her third husband, art consultant Will Kopelman. The former couple has two children together, girls ages three and one.


Page Six reports that the relationship has been rocky for some time and that divorce is on the horizon:

“‘They’ve been having some difficulties , but they remain close for the sake of their kids,’ one source told Page Six of the actress, 41, and Kopelman, 38, who is the wealthy son of former Chanel CEO Arie Kopelman.

Another source added, ‘Drew had a very rebellious and wild childhood, with no family around her, and while she is a different person now, and a great mother, some of that can stay with you.’

It’s the third failed union for the ‘E.T.’ beauty.

Her first marriage, at age 19, was to bartender Jeremy Thomas in 1994 and lasted less than two months. Her second, in 2001, was to comedian Tom Green, her co-star in ‘Charlie’s Angels,’ and lasted five months.

On Friday, reps for Barrymore and Kopelman remained mum on the split.”

Here’s hoping the divorce proceedings are smooth and as painless as possible. But Drew, girl, I’m here if you want to get drinks.

Meanwhile, Madonna is suing the owners of her New York City apartment building to procure the right for her underage children to stay there while she’s on tour. Initially this arrangement was no problem — “the deal was the apartment could be used by her, her spouse, her children, other relatives, and even domestic employees.” However, Madonna claims that after signing the lease, “the owner amended [it] to say the children could only live in the home while she, a spouse, or partner was there as well. This rule applies to everyone, not just Madonna.”

But what a damn buzzkill of a rule, right? David, Mercy, and Rocco—all minors—should totally have the right to chill at the condo when their mother is on the road — with, of course, the company of the household staff who would ostensibly be taking care of them. [TMZ]

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scowly brow spinster

Ugh. Trying to figure out why Madonna’s kids should have to stay in her house when she is not there. What is the point of your custody time if that is the case? Let em stay with the parent who has time to spend with the kid/s. Duh.

She is doing it all wrong.