A Transgender Woman Was Sexually Assaulted in a Bathroom at The Stonewall Inn

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Shortly before midnight on Saturday, a transgender woman was cornered in the restroom of the historic Greenwich Village gay bar. She told police that the assailant entered the bathroom behind her, claiming he only needed to wash his hands.


Police have released photographs of the suspect caught on video, who has been identified by people who know him at Stonewall. He fled the scene shortly after the incident. The victim also left briefly, before returning and calling 911. She was taken to Lenox Hill Hospital for treatment.

Gothamist shared a statement from co-owner Stacy Lentz:

We are deeply saddened by the news of an allegation of sexual assault against a member of our community. That violence like this has allegedly happened even in a safe space like Stonewall Inn is upsetting and we are working closely with the police to investigate this alleged isolated incident at Stonewall, as we continue to work with the greater LGBTQ community to increase visibility, safety and acceptance for all transgender people and all members of our community.

The bathroom at The Stonewall Inn is a single occupancy unisex facility. With the current controversy surrounding the use of gendered bathrooms, this is a terrible reminder that transgender people are frequently the target of violence rather than its perpetrators.

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