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Don't be fooled by the tender tone taken by yet another why-can't-we-have-the-old-Britney-back online petition:

" We at hold firm that a hosed-down, scantily clad Britney Spears is vital to the livelihood of millions of Americans. We will not sit silently as she sullies her persona in the public eye; that of a Kabbalah chasing, non seatbelt wearing, ovary farm for any two-bit backup dancer to take advantage of. This is not the Britney we hold in high regard."

It's just an advertizing gimmick for Madam Tussauds in Time Square, which is planning to wheel out a 'vintage' - pre-fat pre-fug - Britney waxwork this month.


Should be quite amusing watching the Britney fans fails to work that out over on the message boards, though.