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Over at Fishbowl they've got a sneak preview of Shock magazine.

"Hachette's Shock magazine may not be making its official newsstand debut until May 30, but we got our hands on a copy late last night. Notable in its $1.99 cover price and lack of ads — a shockingly thin four ad pages, including JVC, Girls Gone Wild and an adult text message service — it's pretty much what we expected: 96 pages of blood, rotting corpes, civilians on fire, KKK kids, and Jessica Simpson giving us the finger."

Girls Gone Wild and the "adult text message service" are the giveaways here. Another lads mag, meant to push the saucy boundaries set by the likes of Maxim and Loaded. But the raucous lad mags had their day way back when they were there for boys who didn't dare reach up to the top shelf for their porn.


But hey! Meet my new friend Mr Internet. You see, if I want to find pictures of babies burning or dead mutilated Iraqis I can do that for FREE. Why the hell am I going to shell out $1.99 for a sanitised version of the filth I crave so badly that is just a few keystrokes away in the comfort of my own home?

Oh, I get it. I'll read it for the articles.