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Predictably, all the celebrity weeklies pile onto Britney this week for yet again proving that she is a SLUT who married a PIG and turned out to be a BAD MOTHER who is KILLING HER SON. They won't be satisfied until she's hauled up in court for slitting his throat with a butcher's knife in a Federline-inspired satanic sex ritual.

But luckily, Al Gore's baby is here to help. Over at they're organizing a petition. And what do they want?

"Therefore, this petition seeks to require Britney Jean Spears, and child guardians of all ages and levels of experience, to use proper safety measures to protect children from physical harm, when transporting them.

We would like to petition that child guardians be required to carry children in protective carriers, such as babyseats, strollers or baby carriers worn upon the body.

Please add your signature below to show your support of our request, in honor of Sean Preston Federline, that Britney Jean Spears, and guardians of children everywhere, ensure their physical safety and well-being."

And I'm sure that the Gods of the interent will be sure to require Britney Jean Spears to do precisely that.