Uh, Why Is Ashanti's Alleged Deranged Stalker Questioning Her in Court Again?

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I have questions... Why has Ashanti gone to court three times to deal with an allegedly deranged stalker? How is this alleged stalker able to represent himself in court? And why is he asking her questions like, “You do lap dances for your performances, correct?”

In Manhattan Supreme Court on Wednesday, Ashanti directly addressed the man, named Devar Hurd, while testifying. “You continuously tweeted over and over again disgusting, derogatory, disrespectful things to me after you had already gone to jail for doing the same thing,” she said. “I wish you to stop. I just wish you to stop.”

New York’s Daily News reports:

Hurd, a delusional creep who claims he had a romantic fling with the star, fired back a promise.

“Ya’ll twisted and two-faced,” he barked. “This will never happen again, believe that!”


If the case isn’t disturbing enough, Hurd is also serving as his own legal counsel and this is the third time Ashanti has had to confront him and his harassment in court.

Following a mistrial (after a juror got sick), Hurd was convicted on nine counts this past October during a second trial for the same charges of sending offensive, sexually explicit messages to Ashanti over Twitter (reportedly hundreds of them). One count of felony stalking is currently being retried.

Hurd also has a prior 2009 conviction for stalking Ashanti’s mom Tina Douglas (including sending dick pics he referred to as gifts).

“I’m here because I have to let everyone know how I feel about how you stalked my daughter,” said Tina in court.


Wednesday’s trial involved Hurd recapping the history of gross tweets he’s sent to Ashanti dating back to 2013 (like: “eating pussy from the back tastes better from a flight to Russia”) and asking her whether she noticed them or not, thus forcing Ashanti to reply in court: “I saw the disgusting tweet and was insulted.”

Hurd’s response: “Why didn’t you tell me to stop or block me?”

How is this happening? Hurd, who’s already been in jail since 2013, could get four more years if convicted. In his opening remarks, he stated, “You’re not going to see a lick of evidence where she said stop communicating with me, I don’t want to hear from you, you’re scaring me.”


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Oh, Ashanti. They told you not to engage, didn’t they, and now he’s saying that your failure to engage was just proof that you wanted all that harassment. Fuck that guy, fuck the assholes who gave you bad advice, and here’s hoping he’s found guilty on all charges.