Jewelry Designer Accuses Reese Witherspoon of Using Her Logo: 'She Literally Stole My Magnolia'

A Draper James tote and a Magnolia Flat Charm from Weingartner’s collection
A Draper James tote and a Magnolia Flat Charm from Weingartner’s collection

A woman in Florida who designs jewelry is accusing Reese Witherspoon of stealing her precious Magnolia logo for the actress’ fashion line.

Jordann Weingartner—a popular jeweler based in Palm Beach, Florida who has a line called the Magnolia Collection—filed a $5 million lawsuit accusing Witherspoon of using her logo on pieces in her Draper James line of Southern-branded clothing and accessories.

Page Six reports:

Weingartner’s company, I Love Jewelry — which uses her self-created magnolia design for all branded materials — is a multimillion dollar business with 30 employees and over 600,000 Facebook followers.


Weingartner claims she has a copyright for a “distinctive six-pointed floral design” in the shape of a magnolia.

“She literally stole my magnolia,” Weingartner told Page Six. “I drew the design for my Magnolia Collection back in 2008. The flower isn’t a traditional magnolia flower, it is my artistic take on a magnolia. My design actually looks nothing like a magnolia, and Draper James not only took the design, but also decided to call it a magnolia.”

According to Weingartner, Witherspoon’s lawyers have ignored her lawsuit, but she plans on continuing her pursuit, stating, “We’re ready to fight.”

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Ehhhhhhh, as an artist and graphic designer myself, this sounds like bullshit. I mean, a silhouette of a particular flower? How many different kinds of artwork feature extremely similar renderings of maple leaves, or lotuses, or hibiscus flowers? I can see someone coming up with both of those designs completely independently.