We Interviewed Aidy Bryant and She Was So Funny That She Made Our Set Explode

It’s an exciting day when Aidy Bryant, one of the funniest comedians working on TV today, agrees to not only do an interview, but to also schlep to the Gawker Media offices and do it on video. Little did she know...

Our plan was simple: Aidy—who’s currently promoting her new short film, Darby Forever (out today)—would stop by for some crafting (because Darby Forever takes place in a craft store), we’d talk about the film, and then we’d play a fun game of Would You Rather where I’d pepper her with questions about shooting the Saturday Night Live “Melanie” sketches with Drake and Ryan Gosling, meeting Vanderpump Rules’ Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval on Watch What Happens Live, and which Republican presidential candidate she’d reluctantly agree to marry.

And so the stage was set. Our Gawker Media video crew—all women, which is fitting, as Darby Forever is a part of Vimeo’s Share the Screen initiative—did a beautiful job turning our barren set into a beautiful, craft fair extravaganza. Aidy arrived at the building as charming and funny off camera as she is onscreen. Cameras started rolling, the interview was going great, and then...


...our set started exploding.

Lucky for me, Aidy—who’s been on Saturday Night Live since 2012 and performed at famed improv theater Second City before that—is an expert at rolling with the unexpected.

You can watch the Darby Forever trailer below:


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Two things:

1) I love Madeleine’s speaking voice and as a fellow low-voiced lady I say solidarity/props to her!

2) Aidy Bryant is so delightful and hilarious. She’s hands down one of the best things about SNL and Darby Forever looks adorable.