Watch Serial Witness Asia McClain Talk About Testifying for Adnan Syed

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Asia McClain has played a major role (maybe the biggest) in Adnan Syed’s efforts to land a new trial after his murder conviction in 2000. A week after testifying at hearings in Baltimore, McClain talked to ABC News about being a potential key to Syed’s freedom.


After McClain spoke to Sarah Koenig for Serial, ABC reports, she got a call from Syed’s lawyer asking her to testify in his post-conviction hearings. In testimonies last week, McClain again claimed she saw Syed in the library and spoke to him on Jan. 13, 1999, the date that prosecutors said Syed killed his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee.


“I was sitting in the library bored to tears and someone walked in that I knew,” she tells ABC News in the video below. “I asked him about his breakup with Hae...[He said] she was dating someone else, but that he just wanted her to be happy. He didn’t seem to be disturbed or angry with her.”

McClain adds that “setting a good example” for her kids was partially what spurred her to come forward.

“Do I think Adnan killed Hae? Honestly, I couldn’t tell you,” says McClain. “By coming forward, I hope that I was able to provide enough information to the judge for him to be able to make a rational decision. Whatever that might be, is in his hands.”


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I don’t know how she can remember the exact day and time. But that whole case had so many weird things about it, so I am glad that there could be a new trial with new information.