Lauren Conrad, a Blogger Just Like Us, Faces Photo Licensing Lawsuit

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Lifestyle and fashion icon Lauren Conrad posted a pair of precious photos of surfing dogs on her site that turned out to be unauthorized. From one blogger to another, she should’ve known better—a photo agency is now suing her for using the photos without their consent.

TMZ reports that Incredible Features, Inc. has filed a lawsuit against Conrad, citing her unlawful use of their canine-surfer images. In filings, the company describes LC’s site as a “commercial enterprise through which Conrad shills her Kohl’s clothing line amongst other things.”

As lawsuits go, it’s a pretty entertaining read. IFI says, “In the dog eat dog world of online content ... Lauren Conrad, a sophisticated website operator, is cognizant of the value of high-quality photography.” IFI says it owns the images that are now on her site.


The 2014 post has been removed but is still archived here. The dogs are surfing, that’s why it’s cool.

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JujyMonkey: unstable genius

There is no reason for the lawsuit. Typically the agency would contact the website and inform them of unauthorized use of intellectual property and say the license fee is X $$ or take it down. She complied and removed it. End of story.