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They're Engaged!

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Just when I thought Friday couldn’t get any more exciting, these two announced they will be soon be walking down the aisle together as husband as wife! The breaking news comes one day after the male-identified lover of Polish models reposted a hilarious video from an Instagram account called “ridiculous” in which a small child proudly lifts a tiny barbell. He captioned the video,“Gym time.”


The absurdist short film about the unparalleled bliss of achieving one’s goals must have pumped him up for the big day, which—based on his photo—happened on a part of the planet where ocean meets sky, smile meets woman, camo meets tank top, and tank top meets man.

Illustration for article titled Theyre Engaged!

Ah, engagement. A promise of a promise. A question that can change the lives of two people forever, and one that, if answered affirmatively, marks the beginning of a new identity—a fusion of souls that will radiate love long after every last star in the universe goes dark.

May these two beacons of light—and friends of Nina Dobrev—live happily ever after.


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So I’m in on the joke enough to know it’s okay that I don’t know these two, but what I’m not sure about is if they’re the same people I didn’t know before, or different ones? I can’t really tell?