Judge Tosses Dr. Luke's Lawsuit Against Kesha's Mom and Manager

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In the continuing legal battle between Kesha and label head Dr. Luke, who she sued for sexual assault in 2014 thereby stalling her recording career, the singer has received some good news: A judge tossed the producer’s lawsuits against her mom and manager, Pebe Sebert and Jack Rovner.


According to Business Insider, Dr. Luke filed a suit claiming that Kesha’s mom attempted to extort him to free her daughter from a contract tying her to his Kemosabe Records under Sony Music. In dismissing the suit, the judge ruled that he had no jurisdiction over Sebert in New York, though Luke has filed another suit against Sebert in her home state of Tennessee.

Dr. Luke’s suit against Rovner alleges that the manager is jealous of the pop producer and aimed to get “more money and control over [Kesha’s] career.” The judge ruled that Rovner’s suit was consistent the way any other manager would act.

Still, Kesha—the subject of a 2015 Billboard poll asking music executives whether her claims were believable; keep it classy, y’all—remains under contract with Luke’s label via Sony. Legally, this means the singer is unable to record with anyone else and she has another hearing in February to settle whether she can have the freedom to record outside of her agreement with Luke.

Kesha has been unable to release new music since 2013, which is an eternity for the glittery pop star with hits like “Timber.” You know you miss her.

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The minute Kesha puts out a new record, I’m going to buy ten copies and roll around in a pile of glitter.